Stronger Verbs

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by Therese Stenzel, copyright 2007

Beautiful-comely, attractive, becoming, graceful, charming, engaging, captivating, handsome, bonny, winsome, radiant

Felt-had the impression, perceived, discerned, noted, understood, knew, bore, endured

Filled-pervaded, penetrated, infused, charged, imbued, soaked saturated, rent, pierced,

Get-receive, come by, realize, gain, win, achieve, attain, obtain, acquire, secure, procure, capture, seize, grasp, entrap

Give-bestow, present, contribute, hand over, accord, grant, entrust, assign, dispense, offer, consign, impart, purvey

Held-grasped, clutched, clasped, retained, clenched, kept, maintained, embraced,

Knew-comprehended, realized, lay a hold of, discerned perceived grasped, sensed, recognized, ken, recalled, discriminated

Looked-glanced glimpsed, studied, inspected, fixed one’s gaze, noticed, took in, gazed, peered, stared, squinted, peeked, glared, took in, regarded, surveyed,

Pushed-propelled, wedged, advanced, pressed, drove, shoved, jostled, impelled, crammed

Sat—eased into, settled, took, perch, plop down, relaxed into,

Seen- perceived, beheld, discerned noticed, observed, inspected, scan, viewed , observed, visualized, gazed, peeped, scrutinized

Took-acquired, secured, obtained, gained, seized, gleaned, captured

Taking-withdrew, removing, pilfering, stealing, capturing, swiping, confiscating, nabbing

Walked-strode, paced, tread, strolled, sauntered, ambled, slogged, trudged, plodded, lurched, shuffled, slinked, tip toed, advanced, staggered, scurried

Watched-regarded, eyed, perceived, detected, beheld, scrutinized, surveyed, scanned, viewed

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